November 10, 2008

Things I like to do!

Reading: I am a children's librarian, and I read ALL the time! I am the programming person in our department, and also do quite a bit of art, storytelling, and music. I cannot resist new puppets/felt board sets/ anything that has to do with books!

Playing the Oboe: I was music major in school (have my bachelors in music), and I have been playing the oboe for 15 years now. (yes, a bit over half of my life thus far). I LOVE my oboe! I also sing, dabble on piano, alto saxophone, and guitar. I also compose music. :) I play in an orchestra and thave 4 private lesson oboe students. 

Sewing: I LOVE TO SEW! I now have two of my very own machines. I worked in the costume shop at school, so I used to sew a lot. I recently won best costumes for costume design and construction for Seussical at Richmond Civic Theater 2010-2011 season. :D LOVE!

Theater: Along with winning best costumes for Seussical, I also won best female cameo role for being a Bird Girl. I LOVE acting and singing, and am currently particularly in love with Mary Poppins.

Sleeping: NAPPING! I love to curl up in lots of blankets and sleeeeep!

Drawing: I really enjoy drawing, especially with charcoal and coloured pencil. Charcoal for human form, and coloured pencil.oil pastel for nature. I was going to be an interdepartmental Art/Music Major in Drawing and Performance, but the school decided I should focus on one thing since I only had a year and a semester left from transferring twice.

Crochet: I love crocheting because there is such a beautiful rhythm to it!

Camping: I love to camp and be outside with nature!

Gardening: So last year I worked in the greenhouse as the manager in training, needless to say I left that school, but I LOVE plants, though I know more about tropical and houseplants than I do horticulture, but I still love them all!

I love other things too, like reading and checking craftster, and organizing. I am an organization whore, and nothing can stop me once I start!

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