November 10, 2008

Things I can do!

Here are some crafts I like to do and/or am proficient at:

Sewing: I am really awesome at sewing. Haha! No, but really, I currently work in my college's costume shop, and pretty much have to sew everything, from silks and tulle to leather. I also make some of my own clothes so if you're reading this for a personal swap, don't be afraid to ask! I really enjoy making stuffed toys, so just ask!

Embroidery: I am not brilliant at embroidery, however I am proficienet. I need to learn more stitches. I am really good at applique though!

Quilting: I am just starting to learn how to quilt. I made a quilted tetris scarf for my husband for his birthday and a tetris quilt for his college graduation. I'm almost done with one for my mother in law.

I am okay at stenciling, however the only way I do it is with freezer paper and acrylic paint, and I've never done multi-layer/color stencils. I really prefer to embroider and applique designs.

Decoupage: Hand me mod-podge, a magazine and something to slather it together on and I'm on my way!

Clay: I like using polymer clay, but am no where near brilliant at it. I usually just make little animals and beads. 

Recycled Crafts: I am good at reconstructing clothing, and making birdfeeders out of milk cartons. haha!

Knitting: I can do the knitting basics, but my hands usually cramp really badly because I have too much tension in my hands, so I haven't gone past learning knitting and perling, scarves and 3/4 of one sock! haha!

Crochet: I am getting A LOT better at crocheting, I am proficient in hat making, broomstick crochet, and am learning more techniques past sc, hdc, dc, and tc. I hope to make my first afghan soon. Crocheting goes fast for me because I don't hold the crochet hook with too much tension and it's a smoother rhythm, although if I do too much at once I get tennis elbow...ouch!

Baking: I LOVE LOVE LOVE to bake! I spent all of 2007-2008 in Maine (where I went to college at the time) baking my life away because it got dark so early and light so late. I am now one of those people that can taste a baked good, tell what is missing, what would make it better, and if it should be cooked for shorter or longer at a higher or lower temperature. I know. Lame, BUT AWESOME!

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